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I am a self-confessed shopaholic...Well ya I kind of...I feel the same sense of craving that Rebecca
Bloomwood does {in the shopaholic series} aaah how I sometimes feel if the character existed in reality we both would surely be like soul sisters! I know such term doesn’t exist but when it’s my blogging world I am at liberty to call it anything. One thing that is bugging me lately is my craving for clothes…am not a girl with the best figure and looks but still I want to always be upfront as far as fashion is concerned. Well to come back to my shopping thoughts I am really worried about my habits becoz I really can’t manage my finances {Though being a student I still survive on my parents money..:P I wish could continue doing that :D...} But I am essentially worried how I am going to manage my life!

And all my money goes into these clothes, shoes, accessories .Well I do spend on other things as well. But the main source of spending goes into the shopping binge. It’s a weird kind of obsession I know but I know I am a shopaholic .And identification is the first source of problem solving isn’t it. So somewhere down the line I can {which I seriously doubt} manage my money!

But being a girl I still believe Shopping is my first and foremost Right {cant they just make it a human right he he …} I start of with the thought not to actually spend any money …but the moment I see the word Sale …its just like a burst of the hormones and I dive into the shop .Though reminding myself thousands time that I am just browsing …and not a penny walks out of my purse. Sucks but …how can they have this beautiful skirt for just 10 pounds {Omg …Omg …Help me …I should have it!} to reassure myself I immediately convert it into Indian currency {and I always convert it with the lowest rate he he }..just to restore confidence on myself that I am not spending any money its just a basic necessity didn’t I actually need it for some presentation that I had two months later…Ya I do need it {I swear I do} What if I cant have time to come back and shop again {A True visionary of future and my mama thinks I don’t think about my future}.

So I walk out of the shop happily on getting that skirt {But I cant have control over my spending}.I loose again !!!
The problem {See I know I have this psychological disorder not literally} is slowly growing inside me the other day I was there two hours before the shops had actually opened { a true shopper indeed}. It was freezing cold in Oxford Street and I drank four cups of Starbucks’ hot chocolate {Hmmm I luv it} before the shops actually opened. So up and down window shopping and drinking coffee {d reason for all my baby fat} till the shops opened. See this thing is slowly getting me….so I should quit shopping for some time! {Well I am trying doesn’t that mean I am putting in effort}



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