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My BP 
One of my first dreams always revolved around making my Bp (My sister and I lovingly call our  dad BP) proud. I would walk beside him and ask him so many questions .To my inquisitive questions he always had an answer. So I grew up with the feeling my BP just knows everything. It began with questions pertaining to the cosmos and came down to me as an individual.”Bp how does the aero plane fly so high?”…”Bp I wanna see the world.”Bp …why aren’t things working out in my life? …To all my thousands of questions his only answer would be “Don’t worry things are going to be fine “.So would be the things fine after some time as my Bp always said! Thus he has always been my hero. 

Nights I would be shivering with fever and there would be my BP sitting by my side …taking the temperature.Touching my forehead! How heavenly it felt when he chanted the “Hanuman chalisa” next to me… and I would pass into this calm sleep …But BP would just be there...as always waiting when I would be fine and giggle around the house! People say I am …spoilt and the reason is my father, he would let me do anything …It really wouldn’t matter to him if I slept till 11 in the morning...If I didn’t learn how to cook...what mattered to him was the fact that I was happy!..Living my life the way I wanted. He would always take pride in my achievements, break down in my pain, get concerned when I returned home late, and pamper me with his culinary skills!( I love his aloo curry and chili chicken no one in the world can cook it better than him. )
Having him as a father is the best beginning that I would ever have had..!..He gave me my wings and taught me to fly…He gave me my dreams …and showed me the way to fulfill it...Love you Bp..You are my angel…” .You mean the world to me! You always stood by my decisions even when I didn’t make it easy for you...I am not as good with words as You…But...I just take this opportunity to Thank you..For being there …always!



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